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Gerhard Krinner

(c) Sarah del Ben

Directeur de recherche (senior scientist) - CNRS

LGGE research team : GLACE

Contact : krinner@ujf-grenoble.fr ; 0476824242

Scientific interests

Numeric modelling of past, present and future high-latitude climate, in particular :

  • Ice sheet climate
    • Surface mass balance and near-surface climate
    • Role of ice sheets in regional and global climate
    • Natural variability
  • Surface/atmosphere interactions :
    • Role of lakes and wetlands in the boreal climate
    • Role of permafrost in the boreal and global climate
    • Role of vegetation
  • Interpretation of ice core archives using climate models

This modelling work is principally carried out with the LMDZ atmospheric general circulation model and the ORCHIDEE land surface model.

Recent and ongoing projects and activities

Some projects and activities I am involved in

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Education, current and former responsibilities

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