Team members

[Former team members] [External collaborators]

Permanent staff

Thierry PENDUFF Head of the team
Researcher (CNRS)
A208 2-8654
Julien LE SOMMER Head of the team (adjoint)
Researcher (CNRS)
A211 2-5065
Josiane BRASSEUR Secretary A206 2-5061
Bernard BARNIER Research Director (CNRS) A219 2-5066
Pierre-Antoine BOUTTIER Research engineer (CNRS) A222 2-5083
Jean-Michel BRANKART Research engineer (CNRS) A214 2-5034
Pierre BRASSEUR Research Director (CNRS) A209 2-5072
Emmanuel COSME Assistant professor (UJF) A210 2-5051
Jean-Marc MOLINES Research engineer (CNRS) A215 2-5062
Jacques VERRON Research Director (CNRS) A223 2-5018

Non permanent members

Adeline BICHET Postdoc A218 2-5006
Christophe CALONE PhD student A212 2-7015
Pedro COLOMBO PhD student A217 2-5012
Marina DURAN PhD student A217 2-5012
Florent GARNIER PhD student A221 2-5010
Stéphanie LEROUX Postdoc A220 2-7076
Sammy METREF PhD student A221 2-5010
Guillaume SERAZIN PhD student A213 2-5096

PhD students, co-directed by MEOM

Luc CHARROIS PhD student (CEN, Grenoble) A216  
Ignacio MERINO PhD student (LGGE/EDGE, Grenoble) A212 2-7015

Long-term visitors

Mondher CHEKKI Research engineer (CNRS/Mercator-Ocean) A220 2-7076
Gildas MAINSANT Research Engineer A218 2-5006