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Publications D. Verfaillie

par VERFAILLIE Deborah - 4 novembre 2014 - ( maj : 4 novembre 2014 )


Favier, V., Verfaillie, D., Berthier, E., Menegoz, M., Jomelli, V., Kay, J. E., et al. (2016). Atmospheric drying as the main driver of dramatic glacier wastage in the southern Indian Ocean. Scientific Reports, 6.
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Jomelli, V., Lane, T., Favier, V., Masson-Delmotte, V., Swingedouw, D., Rinterknecht, V., et al. (2016). Paradoxical cold conditions during the medieval climate anomaly in the Western Arctic. Scientific Reports, 6.
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Verfaillie, D., Favier, V., Dumont, M., Jomelli, V., Gilbert, A., Brunstein, D., et al. (2015). Recent glacier decline in the Kerguelen Islands (49 degrees S, 69 degrees E) derived from modeling, field observations, and satellite data. Journal Of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 120(3), 637–654.
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Bentley, M. J., Cofaigh, C. O., Anderson, J. B., Conway, H., Davies, B., Graham, A. G. C., et al. (2014). A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial Maximum. Quaternary Science Reviews, 100, 1–9.
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Hodgson, D. A., Graham, A. G. C., Roberts, S. J., Bentley, M. J., Cofaigh, C. O., Verleyen, E., et al. (2014). Terrestrial and submarine evidence for the extent and timing of the Last Glacial Maximum and the onset of deglaciation on the maritime-Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands. Quaternary Science Reviews, 100, 137–158.
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Verfaillie, D. (2014). Suivi et modélisation du bilan de masse de la calotte Cook aux îles Kerguelen lien avec le changement climatique. Ph.D. thesis, Université de Grenoble, Grenoble.
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Verfaillie, D., Fily, M., Le Meur, E., Magand, O., Jourdain, B., Arnaud, L., et al. (2012). Snow accumulation variability derived from radar and firn core data along a 600 km transect in Adelie Land, East Antarctic plateau. Cryosphere, 6(6), 1345–1358.
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