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ERCA 2013 : now open for application !

par KRINNER Gerhard - 24 juillet 2012 - ( maj : 12 octobre 2012 )

The 21st session of ERCA will take place in Grenoble from January 7th, 2012 to February 8th. The course is intended to students enrolled in PhD programs, young scientists and engineers from universities and public/private research institutes wishing to complete their formation with a very complete research course related to Atmosphere, Climate and Climate change studies.

The 21st session of ERCA will be organized in 6 different sessions (25 hours each) held in Grenoble.

  • Atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric composition changes ;
  • Solar activity, space weather, planetary atmospheres.Earth science system ;
  • Earth climate system and the science of climate change ;
  • Experimental techniques and research methodologies for the atmospheric sciences ;
  • Hydrology and precipitation : water cycle in climate change ;
  • Climate change impact and society ;

It also includes a 1-week practical course (lidar and other observations techniques for atmospheric and planetological observations) held at Observatoire de Haute Provence (Southern France)

A number of student assistanships will be available.


More information at http://erca-school.eu

Contact for information : Anna Baranova-Früh
secrétariat ERCA
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Phone : +33 456 387 162 Fax : +33 476 887 981

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