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par Administrateur Un - 14 février 2011 - ( maj : 15 février 2011 )

By gaining and loosing mass, glaciers and ice-sheets play a key role in the sea level evolution. This is obvious when considering the past 2000 years, for example, as the collapse of the large northern hemisphere ice-sheets after the Last Glacial Maximum contributed to a 120 m rise in sea level. This is particularly worrying when the future is considered. Indeed, recent observations clearly indicates that important changes in the velocity structure of both Antarctic and Greenland ice-sheets are occurring, suggesting that large and irreversible changes may have been initiated. This has been clearly emphasized in the last report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007). IPCC has further insisted on the poor current knowledge of the key processes at the root of the observed accelerations and finally concluded that reliable projections of sea-level rise (SLR) are currently unavailable.

The general aim of this project is to develop data assimilation methods related to ice flow modelling purpose, in order to provide accurate and reliable estimate of the future contribution of ice-sheets to SLR.

The project is coordinated by O. Gagliardini. Other LGGE participants include F. Parrenin, C. Ritz and E. Le Meur.

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