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Alpha Spetrometry

par Administrateur Un - 2 février 2011 - ( maj : 2 février 2011 )

Alpha Spectrometry using :

Five multiplexed detectors (Passive Implanted Planar Semiconductor – PIPS) each with independent start/stop. The detectors, 300mm2, 100 μm, and 17 keV resolution are inside 5 vacuum chambers with electronics, and analog multiplexed toward a PC based multichannel analyzer card. The counting efficiency (40%) is checked by a Pu-239 standard at 5.17 MeV and the chemical efficiency is checked by a Po-208 tracer at 5.11 MeV. The background levels are low with less than 1 pulse per day at 2 MeV. The conversion factor (10 keV per channel) is given by the third peak at 5.30 MeV (Po-210). For the analysis, a pure and thin source must be prepared requiring labour intensive radiochemical isolation and purification procedures.

It is commonly used for the determination of Po-210, Pu-238, Pu-239+240, Ra-226, Uranium and Thorium series radionuclides.

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