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THEMATIC SCHOOL on RECRYSTALLIZATION - Second edition - 7 to 11 November 2016 - France

by Maurine Montagnat - 16 June 2016 - ( maj : 14 November 2016 )

Thematic school - Recrystallization Mechanisms in Materials

Second edition

November 7 to 11, 2016, Sète, France

The aim of this thematic school is to provide a wide overview of:
- the state-of-the-art in materials sciences (geosciences, glaciology, metallurgy) of recrystallization mechanisms in polycrystalline materials
- the experimental tools and approaches currently used to observe and characterize recrystallization mechanisms
- the modelling approaches developed to simulate the occurrence and the effect of recrystallization mechanisms on the mechanical behaviour

The Recrystallization took place in a very nice atmosphere, with a lot of very interesting exchanges, scientifics and others...

We are very thankful to the speakers, who prepared very good talks and practicals, and who participated actively to this nice week of exchanges.

And, off course, many thanks to the participants!

Updated Program


M. Bernacki (CEMEF - Mines ParisTech), C. Le Bourlot (MATEIS - INSA Lyon), R. Jacolot (ArcelorMittal), R. Logé (EPFL), D. Piot (LGF - EMSE), D. Mainprice (Géosciences Montpellier), M. Montagnat (LGGE), A. Tommasi (Géosciences Montpellier).

Registration : here


- Before September 30th
- Free for CNRS researchers (permanent or not), select "participant CNRS"
- to pay with "Bon de commande" (french lab only), select "virement" and give your administrative contacts when asked for "organisme payeur", which will appear on the bill. Select "the organism pay".
- If you want to arrive on sunday, give 6/11/2016 as the arrival date (this can also be adjusted later).

Be careful, dates are given the french way: day/month/year!

REGISTRATION FEES (housing and meals included) :

- Student / Post-doc : 200 €
- CNRS member (permanent or not) : free
- Other public institution : 315 €
- Private company : 450 €

How to come

The summer school will take place at

Le Lazaret; La Corniche 223 Rue Pasteur Benoît 34200 Sète, France;, +33 (0)4 67 53 22 47

- By train : Sète train station
- By plane : From Montpellier Airport
- Detailed plan and direction (in french) : here
- Detailed information for coming from the train station: here

We will organize a shuttle Sunday evening at about 8:15 pm.

To come with your family

Le Lazaret can welcome your family, please contact them directly (, +33 (0)4 67 53 22 47), and inform me (

Organized by :

Maurine Montagnat Contact :

French "Groupement de Recherche" on Recrystallization (GDR3436)

Financed by :


With the support of LGGE, CEMEF - Mines ParisTech.

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